Autistic Son Gets a Dose of Glutathione

About a week ago our son with autism got his first dose of glutathione.  We were a little hesitant to give glutathione but after much research we felt that this autism treament was the right decision for our autistic son.  We have seen some definite areas of improvement and a few areas that have worsened since the dose of glutathione.

Glutathione Benefits

  1. Increased speech
  2. Increased imaginary play

Glutathione Side Effects

  1. Increased screaming
  2. Loosening of his stools

Specific Examples of Glutathione Benefits and Side Effects

Autistic Son Receives First Dose of Glutathione Autism Treatment
Autistic Son Experiences Benefits and Side Effects from Glutathione Autism Treatment

The first area we have noticed improvements in is our son’s speech.  Our son with autism has been talking quite a bit more since he received glutathione.  This increase in speech has been demonstrated by an improvements in both the quantity and quality of his speech.  He is definitely talking more since the autism treatment was received.  We have also been excited to see him use phrases better since the glutathione dose.  It now seems easier for him to combine words in his speech.  We are hearing many more three word phrases and even some four word phrases.

We have also been excited to see our son with autism demonstrate increased imaginary play since receiving glutathione.  This is an area that had been developing more during the last several months.  The dose of glutathione appears to have given this area an extra boost.  We have seen our autistic son use his imagination in ways we haven’t seen before since receiving the treatment. 

Unfortunately, the dose of glutathione wasn’t all good.  We have experienced a lot of screaming since he received the autism treatment.  I don’t remember our autistic son screaming this much for a long time.  This was an area in which he had been doing really well of late.  We’re not sure if this is related to the glutathione or if this is a result of other recent changes in his routine such as a transition in his applied behavior analysis (ABA) program.

Another area that worsened after the glutathione treatment was his stools.  They became much looser after receiving the dose.  This manifested itself within the first day.  The afternoon he received the glutathione he had a large bowel movement that was near diarrhea.  His stools have continued to be loose for about a week now.  However, our autistic son’s bowel movements appear to be normalizing the last few days.

We have mixed thoughts on this last side effect from the autism treatment.  We’re not sure if this is just a side effect of the glutathione or if this is another positive negative.  We are hoping that this is just his body being able to rid itself of some chemicals and materials that it hadn’t been able to do well previously due to low glutathione levels. 

One of the main reasons we went ahead with the glutathione treatment is that we had been targeting this biological pathway for several months now.  We had lab results that indicated that our son with autism was deficient in several vitamins and nutrients that played key roles in this pathway.  The last several months showed huge improvements as we focused on this biological pathway.  Our research into the benefits of glutathione suggested that many children with autism showed benefit from glutathione treatment.  Our previous efforts of focusing on this biological pathway showed benefit in our autistic son so we felt that he would also gain benefit from giving a boost in the end product of this pathway which is glutathione. 

At this point we feel that our son with autism has gained key improvements from the glutathione treatment.  However, we hope to see an improvement in his stools and a decrease in his screaming soon.  The gains we have seen in speech and imaginary play have definitely been worth the temporary setbacks we have seen in the other areas.  The last couple of days have suggested that the setbacks are coming to an end.  We hope that those setbacks resolve and that we continue to see the benefits from the dose of glutathione.  If that is the case, we will definitely consider repeating this autism treatment again in the future.

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  1. says

    I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to hear your son communicate so much better now!! Thank you for sharing!

    Also, the loose stools you wrote about after increasing glutathione in the body very much sounds like a detoxification…VERY beneficial!

  2. Joseph Miller says

    You might find the following forums interesting. A frequent contributor (freddd) had a huge setback using glutathione precursors. Excellent information on methylcobalamin…
    “The glutathione (precursors) appears to be antagonist to methylfolate primarily and to neutralize the active b12s by turning them into glutathionylcobalamin and rapidly excreting them. Without the methylfolate even high doses of mb12 and adb12 are not effective. The onset of folate deficiency symptoms can be within hours while the b12 deficiency symptoms take days to weeks to show up. MY own experience of this was one of the worst. There is an entire separate thread with this discussion.”

    • says

      Thanks for the links and the comments! These links have some interesting information. However, our son appears to have experienced the opposite of what Freddd described in some of his comments. We actually found that lowering the B12 dose caused our son’s side effects to subside (suggesting it wasn’t a depletion of B12 that was causing the side effects from the glutathione). It’s interesting how the same biological pathways in different people can react in such a dramatically different ways when receiving the same drug or supplement. In this case, one possible explanation might be the different health issues being treated.

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